About Steve

Steve Harris, fondly called "Mr. Ruthless Execution" is privileged to be a trusted authority in the fields of Life & Business Strategy, a highly sought after Management Consultant and Chief Executive Officer of EdgeEcution, Motivational Speaker & Author.

I help high performance individuals and institutions bridge the gap between their performance and potential.

I'm exceptionally good at high performance coaching/advisory. (Sorry too many people try to be modest about what they’re good at…I don’t know why, but that's not me. I’m really good at what I do and not shy about it…now, if you’re exceptional at something you shouldn’t be either.)

In May and September 2015 as well as in April 2016, I was listed among the 'World's Top 100 Business Coaches To Follow On Twitter' (probably has something to do with me being really good at what I do)

In June 2019, I was featured on Forbes Africa (ain't made it to the cover yet, but give me time)

I’m tough on my clients because they come to me with a destination they want to get to, but they’ve never been. So I have to be. Weak people shouldn’t call, email or sign-up for anything I print, deliver or discuss.)

I'm also a certified member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN), the American Association of Small Business Consultants, Texas, USA and the International Certified Consultants Association, Canada.

Steve Harris is one of Nigeria’s leading high performance coaches and Business Strategists. He is also one of the most-watched, most downloaded, quoted and followed personal development trainers in Nigeria.


Steve is also sought after by many organizations as a turn-around expert, inspirational speaker & corporate activator that has added incredible value to not only the effectiveness and corporate productivity of his clients, but also to their organization’s bottom line.


His podcast has been rated among the Top 15 in the Training category in iTunes and has been downloaded over 200,000 times.


His online courses have been taken by over 2000 students and his weekly emails reach well over 3000 people.


A sought after conference speaker, Steve Harris is passionate about helping people chase their greatness with ruthless execution.

Awards & Recognition

In November 2010, SteveHARRIS was profiled and honoured as one of 36 “Naija Diamonds” a program collaboration between Inspire Africa and Diamond Bank plc.; that profiled selfless, ordinary Nigerians doing extraordinary things whom, through their lives, value systems and actions embody the spirit of the “New Nigeria” and have become role models worthy of emulation.

In July 2011, SteveHARRIS was recognized by the United Nations / YFP as a Young Ambassador For Peace due to his increased impact, inspiration and selfless service to the Nigerian youth.

In May and September 2015. Steve was recognized as one of the "Top 100 Business Coaches To Follow on Twitter".

In September 2015, SteveHARRIS was nominated for and was awarded as one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award" by the Junior Chambers International (JCI) Nigeria